Thursday, 3 January 2013

twenty thirteen...

Happy New Year!

I love this time of year (i know i say that a lot) but I really love the new year. I feel so inspired! I feel like this is go-time : time to reevaluate what happened over the last year, time to make changes, and time to set goals. So here are some of my goals for the year (the one's i'm willing to share anyway) 

First, I want to put in the effort. It sounds stupid, but it means a lot. I do things, but don't do them whole heartedly. I have the potential to succeed, in everything I do. But I hold myself back. So if I put in the effort, take the extra time, and get it done right... the results could be amazing. To be more specific, I'm referring to work, relationships, home making, cooking, exercising... basically everything in life.

 Next, I need to do nice things for others. I strongly believe in Karma and what goes around, comes around. And lately my luck has been in the dumps, as has been my attitude. I feel as if this can't be a goal or a resolution, it has to be a change for the lifetime. I'm extremely fortunate and blessed in life. I have a great family, friends, and support system that will help me through anything. There are millions of people in this world that don't have that. If I can do one small thing to make someone life a little better, even something as small making someone smile. That's my responsibility as a human, do good for others. 

 Another major goal for the year is to release some creativity. I have quite a few hobbies and interests, but how many of them do I pursue? Not many. At all. So this year, I am making a vow to apply myself to my creative outlets. Mainly writing, I collect all of these gorgeous journals but have only used one of them... once. So I will write, something, anything. Such as : stories, poems, plans, goals, lists, doodles, or just whatever pops into my head. I will always carry a journal, and I will write. Also, I really want to play piano & relearn how to read music. I played piano for six years when I was young, but high school came along and I just quit. In the next month I will be looking for a used piano or keyboard, and without a single lesson.. I will relearn to play!


  1. Deadly Luc! I'm feeling refreshed and I think it's time to start new and start BIG... good luck, and cheers!

  2. "So if I put in the effort, take the extra time, and get it done right... the results could be amazing".