Monday, 27 August 2012

First Post...

Well, here we go kids...

FIRST blog post. Ever. Big Deal, I know. I guess I should start with who I am and why i'm blogging.

I'm Lucille, 23, Calgary, Snowboarder, Dreamer, Author, Painter, Lover, Curser, Romantic, Idealist, Perfectionist, Procrastinator... It's really hard for me to describe myself to others... I have so many interests, hobbies, passions and secrets, so more than likely you will never really know who I am.

I've started this blog to share with my admirers the in's and out's of my life - my inspiration, my style, my music, my eats, my love, my hates, my everything. I have no "theme" or general direction with my posts, just some insight into my life. So enjoy, and thanks for stopping by.

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