Thursday, 30 August 2012

long weekend road trip...

     It's Thursday!! Thursday is my favourite day of the week, for one reason and one reason only... we're that much closer to Friday. Friday is the ultimate, but it doesn't quite have the same whimsical feel of Thursday.
     This weekend is looking very promising, being a long weekend there is only one thing to do in the summer... ROAD TRIP! Winter, totally different story, but we'll get to that once the season approaches. If you know me, you know that Ty & I recently moved to Calgary from Saskatoon, so every long weekend that comes up we're itching to go back home. Visit the fam, eat home cooking, gossip with my girlfriends, longboard with the homies, kiss the cute new babies in my life, brag about life in the know what it is. This time we're bringing our little buddy Jeffery(cat) to meet Ty's niece and nephew who are in town from Grande Prairie, I have a prediction that Laine will think he's creepy(haha!)
    Most excited for the food of home, Ty & I have been on a diet for the last few weeks, we (aka I) allow us to have one cheat day a week, we usually go all out and have pizza or something extra greezy to reward ourselves for being so good. But this weekend I'm going to say fuck it and just eat whatever, most excited for The Vault, omfg, I can't even describe to you how incredibly, unbelievably delicious the Vault is. It's this small vietnamese restaurant in Asquith. I've eaten at hundreds of viet joints looking for anything that will even compare to the vault, I have yet to find anywhere that measures up. So, #5 special, I'm coming for you.

What are your plans for the long weekend? Remember to rock your white's while you still can....

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  1. BTW the 3/4 painted house belongs to my lovely mother in law, Dawn.

    It's kind of her signature to have unfinished projects, so the house pic is only fitting ;)