Friday, 21 September 2012

summer summary...

It's friday morning, 10:02, and I'm feeling fantastically optimistic. Not quite sure why or what for, but I feel good. It may be the season change, isn't fall fantastic? What the new year is to most people, fall is to me. It's the beginning of the year, maybe it's a mindset I have since school, but it holds true. Sure summer is fun, but fall is breathtaking. The colour, the clothing, the pumpkin spice latte, the cold air in the morning, the scarves, the blankets, the crunchy leaves that cover the ground, but above all else... opening day is just around the corner (49 days, but who's really counting?!). I've been trying to make an effort to embrace the seasons, for the past few years I've hated every single season with the exception of winter (If you know me, you know why). But since moving from Saskatoon I've truly been able to enjoy all periods of the year. This summer was amazing for us, stampede breakfasts(fucking madness), we took a few day trips to the mountains, enjoyed the city's nightlife (a little too much some nights), put our new cruisers to work, saw some of our favourite artists in concert, got tattoos, went to a few festivals, and took a week long road trip through the Okanagan to Vancity, and really just tried to have fun! Gotta love not having children! Those little fuckers ruin everything. Peep game...
Riverside doobs with the homies (Saskatoon)
Jazz Festival, The Roots (Saskatoon)
Beach Life with Gizzy (Shuswap Lake)
Winery Tours in the Okanagan (Recline Ridge, Tappen BC)
Oceanside Coffee, Revolving Restaurant (Vancouver)
Gastown (Vancouver)
Banff Daytrip

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