Wednesday, 17 October 2012

First Year in Calgary...

Today is a pretty big deal, it's one year to the date that we have officially been residents of Calgary. When I think back on everything that has happened in a year, it kind of makes me head spin. This city has made a mark on us for sure. It's frustrating, overwhelming, discouraging, exciting, beautiful, diverse, interesting, cultural, lively and incredibly fun all at the same time! How does that happen? haha... basically I've never felt more at home, more like I belonged in a place more than I do here. This city has everything we need, mountains within a 45 minute drive, big city night life, fashion!!! (true fashion, not like.. i saw this on pinterest now i have style kind of fashion), world class snowboarding resorts (which we can proudly say we're locals of), short commutes(we're lucky, not everyone in Calgary can say this), big money (we'll get there), an amazing cultural scene, a beautiful home that we've created together, an unreal music scene, anddd just the city itself. You really have to spend time here to feel it, it's alive and it's amazing. This year we've also had an addition to our family, we've adopted our first baby... fur baby that is. His name is Jeffery and he completes us. He's always happy to see us, and he's fucking cute as hell. lol. Ty will never admit the level of love he has for Jeffy, but I know that he's just as cat crazy/lame as I am. I love it. So, Ty, this one's for you. Thank you for taking this journey with me, I could have never done it without you. I know that living here we will continue to grow into the people we're supposed to be. I love you, you're my PIC, my yin, my better half.

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